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Promoting the development of aluminum composite panel market

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Aluminum-Plastic Composite plate can be broadly divided into two for outdoor, indoor, and can be divided into General and fire type. Market sales now are general type. Aluminum-plastic composite panel for outdoor use are O. 5mm aluminum plate (normally aluminium plate), the interlayer of PE (polyethylene) or PVC (polyvinyl chloride), thickness of 3-5mm. Interlayer of fireproof aluminum-plastic composite panel for FR (fire retardant plastic). Thickness of aluminum-plastic composite plate for 4-6mm for outdoor use. Following General Interior aluminum-plastic composite panel for 0.2-O.25mm aluminum, thickness of 2. 5-3mm, Interior aluminum-plastic plate thickness of 3-4mm. Aluminium composite panel products-standard size is 1220 (wide) x 2440 (long) x thickness width up to 1250 or 1500mm. Outside the thinnest is used frequently should be 4mm, thickness of the Interior stress of 3mm.

The invention of the aluminum-plastic composite plate, sheet metal from the single isotropic materials to compound between the different materials, surface quality of sheet metal and material weight as well as the processing performance has been greatly improved and enhanced. Only a material light weight characteristics, for example, aluminum-plastic composite panel with aluminum plates, with the same bending strength compared to steel, weight decreased by 40%, 70%, can significantly reduce the load of the main buildings, an increase in resistance.


2019-07-04 16:18