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Aluminum composite panel curtain wall system classification

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Alluminum composite panel curtain wall of aluminous model board besides the decorative, but also have many functional effect, such as protection of building exterior wall structure, sound insulation, heat insulation, moistureproof, inherit the wind, and so on, in order to realize these functions, should be technically to ensure, in curtain wall system technical ways, it mainly divided into two curtain wall system of closed and open.


1, closed curtain wall is the joint of the panel with tape closed up. The method of concrete sealing joint can be divided into wet method and dry method. Wet method and weatherproof sealant; Dry method and the use of extruded rubber strip closed.


2. Open curtain wall system means that the interior and exterior of the curtain wall are open and connected. In order to achieve the building on the curtain wall functions such as thermal insulation, waterproof, sound insulation and other effects, its internal is sealed, can also be called behind the ventilation curtain wall.


The open curtain wall system technology has many unique advantages compared with the traditional completely closed curtain wall structure.


(1) the metal decoration layer has a good thermal performance due to the long-term maintenance of circulating air, which can greatly reduce the damage to the building caused by temperature difference, such as reducing heat conduction and reducing the cracks of the building structure.


(2) keep the wall dry. The indoor moisture can evaporate quickly and the new wall can dry quickly.


(3) the combination with wall insulation material can greatly reduce the impact of outdoor noise. Improve the comfort of indoor living.


(4) the wind pressure strength acting on the external wall of the building will be reduced due to the open curtain wall structure, so that the rear reinforcement rib can be reduced or not used for the large size grid plate.


(5) the amount of curtain wall frame structure and the number of fixed points can be reduced




2019-08-20 19:10