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The prospect of Aluminum composite panel

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As a new type of architectural decoration material, aluminum composite panel has been embellished with various metallic brilliance in various corners of the world and various styles since its birth in the 1960s. space. As the world's largest recognized aluminum-plastic panel consumer market, China has greatly promoted the development of the aluminum-plastic industry and various composite decorative materials.

Since entering the aluminum panel industry, Henan Pengfeng E-Commerce Co., Ltd. has made in-depth research on the operation performance and process characteristics of similar production equipment at home and abroad, and has made a long-term complement to the aluminum-plastic panel production line and aluminum sheet coating production line. The improvement has made it more stable in production, more convenient in operation, greatly improved the production efficiency and product quality of the equipment, and continuously researched and developed the research and development of other equipments for metal composite materials, and achieved outstanding results. The recognition and favor of domestic and foreign users.

Based on the continuous improvement of the national requirements for building fireproof materials, new materials have emerged as the times require. One of them is the aluminum composite panel developed by Petrochemical. The new sandwich structure plate and the clever corrugated structure make it light and sturdy, and the surface is flat. It can produce different thickness plates according to the requirements of use. It has the A2 fireproof characteristics of ordinary A2 fireproof aluminum composite board and aluminum honeycomb. It has the characteristics of thin thickness, light weight, high strength, good weather resistance, good sound insulation, easy production, easy processing, easy recycling, and transparent core layer. It has been gradually recognized by the market and developed rapidly.


2018-12-18 12:14