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Why use aluminum composite panels

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Aluminum Composite panels have been used from both internal and external building structure, as a result of their benefit of efficiency, over the past 25 years.


The result is a strong insulated panel, which is installed to construct a structure with an improved efficiency. The advantages of such a panel include: Being simple to keep and clean – Top thermal insulation properties – Top power to weight ratio – Easy to manufacture – Quick and simple to install – These panels are usually found in warehouses, factories and internal sub branches, where varying room average temperature plays a major element. What’re the risks? The danger for panels rests with the type of insulation center. Commonly there are 6 major types of insulated center: Expanded Polystyrene – Extruded Polystyrene or Styrofoam – Polyurethane – Polyisocyanurate – Modified Phenolic Foam – Mineral Wool – These types can be divided between Loss Prevention Certification Board accepted cores and non approved cores.


Non Approved Cores – EPS and also XPS. The reason both polystyrene kinds are non authorized is because of their extremely combustible and burning properties. These kinds are known to produce molten droplets and also toxicity black smoke when exposed to fire and also extreme heat, which is then radiated throughout the core, and may ignite the metal skin, resulting in rapid destruction of the premises. This core has no fire resistance properties and also has a 95% likelihood that it’ll cause the fire to spread. PUR. As well has polystyrene, polyurethane will support combustion and also isn’t insurance authorized and very unsuitable for high threat areas.


2018-11-02 10:40